Jan & Bobbie - Nickelodeon Animated Short

Written, directed and storyboarded by Hannah Watanabe-Rocco.

Jan and Bobbie think they’re complete opposites: Jan is a bubbly, popular possum while Bobbie is a tough, punky doe. However, when they’re assigned to work on a science project together they end up bonding over their shared feelings – namely, their hatred for each other – and find common ground.

Loser - Short Film

Written and directed by Hannah Watanabe-Rocco.

Conspiracy theorist Audrey has long considered her relationship with extraterrestrial beings to be far superior to any human companionship. However, when Audrey begins working on an alien communication device with community college classmate Greg, she realizes that while she may never hold all of the secrets to the universe, having an earthling by her side can make things a little more okay.

Unofficial spec music video to "Reflections Are Protection" by La Roux.

Directed by Hannah Watanabe-Rocco. Director of Photography: Josh Lipton. Producer: Corbin Billings. Starring: Janet Krupin.

Road Kill

Written and Directed by Hannah Watanabe-Rocco. Starring Mirai Booth-Ong.